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Frequent Asked Questioins
How Can I Found Your Generator?
Globally, our products are available through a wide network of independent dealers, distributors, wholesalers and generator rental companies.
Domestically, we secure sales through tenders and entering into direct contracts with our customers.
Why Do I Need The Generator?
We live in a world highly reliant on power, which is a critical part of daily life. Typically, it takes between five and ten years for a new permanent plant to be built and commissioned, given the grid infrastructure is well positioned for the transmission, which could hardly address the existing power shortfall by an amount of developing countries. Even for the developed markets, the back-up, urgent or critical mission power is essential to avoid the huge loss caused by the unexpected power outage.
Traditionally, only expensive, diesel-configured systems were powerful enough to provide automatic backup power for a commercial business. Today, the potential loss a business faces from power failure can be devastating. From losing customers and data to spoiled refrigerated inventories, the costs are often substantial. ZPI diesel and gas generator can bring about dependable on-demand power, helping endsure survival in hospitals, educating children in school, providing critical power for the industries and commercials, improving people's quality of life through electrical appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.
How Can The Diesel Engine Work And Produce Electricity?
Engines convert diesel, gas, or other types of fuel into mechanical energy. In a reciprocating internal combustion engine, fuel is combusted to produce hot and compressed gases. The movement of these gases pushes pistions linearly within a cylinder. The movement of the pistons in the cylinder then rotate a crankshaft producing mechanical energy. In engine-based power generation, the crankshaft in the engine is coupled with an alternator, which is driven by the crankshaft to rotate through a magnetic field, thereby generating electric power.
What Are The Standard Components On A Generator Set?
Typically, all generators are made up of the following components:
  • Engine
  • Alternator
  • Generator set Control systems
  • Heat exchanger or other cooling systems
  • Other miscellaneous parts: Sound Enclosures, Fuel Tank, Circuit Breakers, Float/equalizing battery chargers, Silencers, Master control panel, Paralleling controls, etc
How Long Will A Generator Run On A Tank Of Fuel?
The amount of time that a generator will run on a tank of fuel depends on the size of the tank, the amount of time in which the generator is in use and the load that the generator has to fulfill. All ZPI Generator sets are designed to run for eight hours at their full rated load.
What Type Of Generator Sets Do I Need?
ZPI Machinery supplies generator sets to provide prime power, standby power and rental power. We carry units as small as 13 kVA that are ideal for domestic and small retail properties up to sets as large as 938 kVA that can provide power for medium sized buildings and even feed back into national electricity supply grids. ZPI generators can be started either manually or automatically and can be provided as open sets, canopied sets and containerized sets. There is also the option to have the generator mounted on a trailer if it needs to be transportable.
Why Should I Buy Your Generator?
ZPI is an established gen-sets privider of modular, mobile power and related solutioins, reaching out to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Americas. Our customers highly value our equipment reliability and durability.
We have nearly two-decade experience in providing a fast and reliable service to our customers across the world, helping them power the future constantly. Our generating sets are built to the highest standards and all go through rigorous testing before being released to the market place.
As the professional system integration provider, we have the flexibility to deploy engines from different engine manufacturers with higher customization capability, as well as more adaptability in terms of configuration and component selection. Our close ties with Cummins, Perkins and MTU engine manufacturers ensure that we are well positioned to meet the customized requirements of clients.
Will A generator Be Noisy?
All generators produce some levle of noise from the exhaust, the engine and the airflow. Our products are designed to provide optimal noise control and have noise level tested thourout the whole process of production. Our generators can be supplied with Sound and Super Sound Attenuated enclosures that help to absorb excess noise. Our Super silent canopy can be as quiet as 70 Db rating at 1 meter.
What Is The Warranty Duration On A Generator Set?
All ZPI generator sets for standby use are guaranteed a two year warranty (limited to 500 hours of usage per annum from date of delivery). If you have purchased a generator for prime use, warranty duration is for 1 full year (unlimited hours).
What Happens If I Overload A Generator?
Generating sets should not be overloaded once running, but are designed to take an overload condition for a very short time during start up of the set. If a set is running for long periods of time with an overload condition, the following conditions could appear:
  • Overheating of the cooling system
  • Overheating of the alternator windings
  • Oil viscosity being lowered with inadequate oil pressure
  • Less work period of the generator