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ZPI has been an international force in delivering performance and safety focused solutions for the oil and gas market. Our diesel gensets are capable, reliable and designed with safety in mind. We can supply and support customised diesel engines and systems with power ranging from 20 to 6,250 kW as well as project management services to the highly specialised offshore and onshore oil and gas industries.
Built for use in stationary or mobile operations, and for on-shore or off-shore pumps or generators, our drive systems work under all conditions and prove their worth, worldwide, day after day.

The ZPI Gen-sets for oil and gas field have the following features:

  • Superb reliability and maximum uptime
  • Reliable performance, quiet operation, reduced vibration and a wide range of weather adaptability
  • Rugged construction for continued operation in the most extreme conditions
  • Small, lightweight size
  • low noise and vibration in its class